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    PiZhou DeFu Wood CO., LTD Website opened
    發布時間:2019-10-22   瀏覽次數:232396

      PiZhou DeFu Wood CO., LTD set up in 04, is located in PiZhou City and owns more than 300 employees. For many years, the Company develops and grows continuously by virtue of our abundant capital strength, excellent management mode and outstanding product quality and now has become the leading enterprise in XuZhou board industry.

      Our Company mainly produces 6 MM-30 MM high-quality plywood in various types, and our factory has six plywood production lines. the annual production capacity is 60000 cm3.

      We have invested heavily to bring in fully automatic production equipment such as hot press, prepress, fully automatic felt-board machine, fully automatic trimming saw, imported sander, polisher. The equipment is advanced and the configuration is reasonable. The Company takes the leading position in the equipment and production capability in the same industry.

      We are professional on film faced plywood,commercial plywood. Our customers are mainly global importers, furniture factories, construction companies and building material wholesalers . The premium plywood passed US CARB 2, Europe CE, BS EN, ISO, JPIC and China plywood standard . We supply top quality film faced plywood made of hardwood, birch or poplar which passed CE standard.

      Our company looks forward to cooperating with you. We will deliver the plywood to you in time with the best price and quality.

      Thank you !

      Telephone: +0086-0516-86029768

      Mobile: +8619996649008

      Email: Niven@defuwood.com



      Street address: Ducun Industrial Park, Chenlou Town, Pizhou City

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